Our mission

Our mission is to maintain or restore ecosystem health for future generations by using a holistic and community-based approach focusing on women in biodiversity-rich areas.

The founders of the Odyssey Conservation Trust began their work in some of the poorest communities in the world, where people were being regularly killed by wildlife that also ruined their fields and scarce crops, where there was little or no medical care or no running water, little or no education - in fact, where there was no hope. But where the communities’ only future lay with their exceptional natural resources and rich biodiversity.

Treat the earth well,  for it was not given  to you by your parents,  it is lent to you  by your children  African proverb

Building on our 20 years experience in some of the most remote and biodiverse places in Africa, we were gradually able to develop a truly holistic approach for biodiversity conservation and for the social-economic development of local people – an integrated community-based model for the sustainable use of natural resources. At the same time, we also recognised the pivotal role played by local women in natural resource management, food and water security, health and livelihood, which led us to further refine our holistic model for ecosystem health.

Indeed women, in their role as the main custodians of traditional knowledge of biodiversity and providers for children and families, epitomize the vital relationship that local people have with their environment. One that recognizes that in nature everything is linked.

Building on this experience, the Odyssey Conservation Trust now supports and develops important holistic conservation and development programs worldwide that create direct benefits to the environment and to local people, and especially to women. Where it’s needed the most.