Conserving coral reefs of the northern Querimbas archipelago with Kimwani people, Mozambique

Conserving coral reefs of the northern Querimbas archipelago with Kimwani people, Mozambique

The Kimwani people have always lived of their coastal resources in northern Mozambique. Soon after we discovered the natural wealth of the northern Querimbas archipelago after the 30-year war ended, we identified the area to be of global conservation value as coral reefs were amongst the most diverse and pristine in the region while showing resilience to bleaching. Our unrelenting efforts with local fisher communities and marine scientists led the recognition of our initiative by IUCN as one of the most successful community-managed protected area of Eastern Africa.

We developed one of the most important community-based marine turtle conservation programme in the Western Indian Ocean,  and also re-empowered local fishermen to manage and protect their coral reefs by developing the first Community Fisheries Councils (CCP). These are now considered to be the best working models of community-based conservation in the country and are being replicated along the coast.

Our efforts were sustainable because we helped local communities, and especially women, to help themselves, improving their lives and breaking the poverty cycles in which they were trapped. By improving their health, providing access to education and water and developing alternative livelihoods, we discovered that focusing our efforts on local women made a real and positive difference.

Our Impact

The importance of our holistic community-led conservation model and its role in conserving coral reefs regionally and globally has been recognized through the recent  declaration of the area as a Hope Spot for the planet. We have re-empowered local communities to manage their bio-cultural heritage and improved their wellbeing and health.

Our Partners

  • IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • RVC - Royal Vetinary College University of London
  • WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
  • ZSL
  • Annenberg Foundation
  • Conservation and Wildlife Fund
  • Foundation - Virbac
  • Network for the Evaluation of One Health
  • African bushcamps foundation
  • Cordio - east africa
  • European Union
  • Exeter University
  • Lion reserve
  • L Fremer
  • WildCRU - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
  • Wild Programme - Wildlife in Livelihood Development
  • World Bank
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